Beefeater 5-Burner Rotisserie 93535

Beefeater  5-Burner Rotisserie 93535

Rotisserie for Beefeater grills 93535 kits the perfect addition for any 5 burner or smaller grill. This rotisserie is specifically made for the Beefeater 5 burner but will also fit 4 burner, 3 burner, or 2 burner as well (the handle side will just stick out further. The 93535 rotisserie is built to plug in any household current receptacle and will run very quiet. This kit comes complete with all brackets and hardware you need to mount onto your Beefeater grill. The Beefeater 93535 comes with 2 forks, easy to mount and remove motor, spit, counter balance, and handle. The motor easily removes for mounting and un-mounting for easy storage.