Beefeater Built In Double drawers Stainless Steel-24200

Beefeater Built-In Double drawers Stainless Steel-24200

Beefeater 24200 two drawers are made of brushed 304 stainless steel and will last a lifetime. All the drawers are extra long (long enough to keep you bbq utensils in) so don’t worry that you get them and they won’t fit (like the China-built ones). The Beefeater comes with a ball bearing easy glides that are top of the line and open and closes easier (new with 2011 models)the more weight you put into them (kind of like the good quality tool boxes). The new 2011 model drawers also now come with the enclosure made of Stainless steel and not the galvanized. The cut out dimensions are as follows:

17 ¼” wide X 12 ¾” tall