BeefEater Built in Single Door Stainless Steel 23140

BeefEater Built-in Single Door Stainless Steel 23140

Beefeater's outdoor kitchen range of stainless steel modular built-in components are the ideal companion for any brand of built-in barbecue adding a versatile and flexible option for creating a practical, easy to live with and stylish outdoor kitchen that can be tailored to fit any location or setting whatever the needs or requirements maybe.

Double fridges, single fridges, drawers, cupboards, and side burners can all be combined to suit individual needs to customize an outdoor kitchen to any available space.

Beefeater Built-In Stainless Steel Single Door 

Product Dimensions:
45.7cm x 55.9cm x 5.1cm (W x H x D) 

Cut Out Dimensions:
40.0cm x 49.5cm x 5.1cm (W x H x D)