Beefeater Signature 3000S 5 Burner Mobile Barbecue Glass Hood SS Designer Trolly BS19340

Beefeater Signature 3000S 5 Burner Mobile Barbecue  Glass Hood SS Designer Trolly BS19340

The ultimate in style, sophistication, and elegance the Beefeater Signature Series 3000S Five Burner ticks all the boxes and complements any outdoor space.

An attractive stainless steel finish provides a touch of class to your alfresco area while the large viewing window makes it a simple matter to monitor your food, preventing overcooking. Integrated into the large hood is a practical thermometer allowing you to have maximum control over the temperature inside your cooking chamber.

With five individual burners integrated into the front portion of the grill, the temperature can be adjusted with a slight turn of the dial. The individual burners allow you to cook like a steakhouse veteran utilizing both direct heat or indirect cooking zones, maximizing the entire grill surface.

Inside, above the plates and grills running the whole length of the BBQ is a heavy-duty warming rack, set high enough above the cooking surface to keep food warm without overcooking. The rack can be used to keep once cooked or delicate foods warm while the rest of your meal is prepared below.


Key Specifications


Finish Colour: Stainless Steel
Finish Colour Description: Stainless steel
Height (mm) : 1228 mm
Width (mm): 1660 mm
Depth (mm): 570 mm
Hood height (open) : 1418 mm
Hood height (closed): 1228 mm
BBQ Type: Freestanding BBQ
Fuel Type: LPG (Bottled Gas)
Weight (kg): 122 Kg
Accessories included: Cookbook
Burner Material: Cast Iron
Ignition: Quartz
BTU: 90000
Burners: 5 Burners
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
Use: Not intended or designed for commercial use.