Everdure 4K 21" Charcoal Grill Stone HBCE4KSUS

Charcoal Grill Everdure 4K 21" Stone HBCE4KSUS

The Everdure By Heston Blumenthal 4K Charcoal Grill & Smoker in Stone does everything you can do in your kitchen and more. The 4Ks unmatched airflow control system makes turning up the heat or slowing it down a one-of-a-kind experience. Both bottom and top vents are marked by numbers for a more responsive and balanced flow of air. Thanks to its double wall insulated construction, the 4K has a cool-to-touch exterior. This coupled with an auto-locking hood makes it safe to use around pets and children. The cooking temperature ranges from a low and slow 230 degrees, to a blistering 725 degrees Fahrenheit. This impressive temperature range makes the 4k versatile enough to cook everything from a brisket to a pizza. The 4k features an integrated ambient and meat probe system allowing you to reach that perfect temperature every time you grill. This system includes 2 oven temp probes as well as 4 meat probes. All of this data is displayed on the integrated LED touch glass display, or beautifully presented in the Bluetooth connected iOS and Android application. The application is packed with features including helpful tips, hints, delicious recipes, and alerts. Easily and quickly light up your charcoal with the patent pending Fast Flame Ignition. Simply touch the glass and get fire. The 4K is incredibly efficient using just 2.2 pounds (1kg) of charcoal for up to 9 hours of cooking. Constructed out of aluminum, the 4K is tough yet lightweight. Easily see what you're doing with the included internal lighting. Oven can be used with or without the included stand. With four included cooking grates (2 cast iron, 2 stainless steel), the 4K gives you an impressive total cooking area of 429 1/2 square inches. IPX4 rating means the 4K is protected in all directions from splashing water. The 4K includes everything you need to get grilling; 2 matte vitreous enamel cast iron grates, 2 304 grade stainless steel grates, a 13 inch cordierite pizza stone/heat deflector, water container, internal light, grill tongs, and charcoal tongs. The 4K does it all, truly making it the next level of outdoor cooking.


  • Unique airflow control allows you to dial in that perfect temperature using precisely numbered bottom and top vents
  • Patent pending Fast Flame Ignition lights charcoal with the touch of a button
  • The 4K's versatility allows you to do anything you would be able to do in your kitchen and more
  • With an IPX4 rating, the 4K is protected from splashing water on all sides
  • Comes with everything you need to get cooking including 4 cooking grates, a pizza stone/heat deflector, water container, internal light, grill tongs, and charcoal tongs.