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Kamado Grill Coyote Ceramic Asado C1CHCSFS

Kamado Grill Coyote Ceramic Asado C1CHCSFS

Coyote's Ceramic Asado Kamado is the ultimate answer for anyone who desires the unique flavor of charcoal. This style of grill opens the doors to many more options of cooking. Featuring 254 square inches of cooking space you have enough room to cook for a family. Constructed from high grade ceramic Coyote's Kamado Grill retains a lot more heat allowing you to slow cook and smoke the finest meals. The dual vent airflow system gives a lot more control of maintaining cooking temperatures with an integrated thermometer to help you cook with more precision. Whether searing meat at high temperatures or smoking at low temperatures, Coyote's ceramic kamado grill will surely cater for any occasion. With a stainless steel cooking grate and stainless steel cart with heavy duty casters, this grill will last outdoors and can be moved around with ease. The foldable wood side shelves increase your cooking area and prep space and are is the perfect spot to rest your tools through out your cookout. Coyote's Asado Ceramic Kamado Grill is the perfect option for any BBQ enthusiast.



  • Ceramic construction retains heat and keeps temperatures consistent
  • Dual vent system for more precise temperature management
  • Diamond laser cut signature cooking grate makes great sear lines on your food
  • 254 square inches of cooking space to feed the whole family
  • Includes stainless steel cart with side shelves for additional workspace