Everdure 52" Propane Grill Orange Furnace 3 Burner With Stand HBG3OUS

Propane Grill Everdure 52" Orange Furnace 3 Burner With Stand HBG3OUS

The Everdure FURNACE propane grill by Heston Blumenthal is great for outdoor grilling anywhere you want to be. Constructed of die-cast aluminum this grill is very durable and will never rust. The FURNACE series grills come equipped with 3 burners that feature flame port holes on the top which allow for close contact with the cooking grates providing great searing potential and can be ready in about 5 minutes from first igniting the grill. The cooking grates are made of enamel coated cast-iron and have integrated flame tamers that prevent flare ups and burner port clogging to help keep your grill clean and grilling experience safe. The extra high hood is designed to enhance air-flow for convection cooking providing an even cook across the entire grill. With 479 sq. inches of grilling space and a whopping 28000 BTUs of cooking power, you can churn out meals for your guests in no time. Capable of cooking with either the hood up or closed, you can grill the way you want to. With collapsible side shelves, the FURNACE grill can accommodate many spaces and can be stored easily. Comes with a 3-tiered stand that provides multiple height variations, good for freestanding, tabletops, or tailgating. This model has a orange color painted exterior.


  • Reaching high temperatures in only 5 minutes lets you get searing potential almost instantly
  • Feed all your guests in a timely manner with 479 sq. inches of grilling surface area
  • Produces 28000 BTUs of cooking power
  • Made of die-cast aluminum that will never rust
  • 3-tiered stand allows for multiple height configurations