Summerset Cart, 54" - fits AMG36, American Muscle Grill AMG54 Freestanding Dual Fuel Wood / Charcoal / Gas Grill CART-AMG54

Summerset  Cart, 54" - fits AMG36, American Muscle Grill AMG54 Freestanding Dual Fuel Wood / Charcoal / Gas Grill CART-AMG54

The AMG54 Freestanding Dual Fuel Wood / Charcoal / Gas Grill, 54-Inch by American Muscle Grill features an innovative dual fuel system to combine the best of both gas and charcoal grilling to create a high performance BBQ grilling machine. The heavy duty 16 gauge 304 stainless steel construction ensures a long lasting and durable product that's guaranteed to hold up outdoors while the sexy grill design is modeled after the 1969 Shelby GT 350 Mustang to embody the beauty of American Muscle. The (8) heavy duty stainless steel tube burners provide a whopping 176,000 BTU to perform as a high performance gas grill but with the unique solid fuel baskets the grill converts into a hybrid grill, accommodating anything from charcoal to pellets to hardwood for unmatched grilling versatility. The reversible stainless steel "hemisphere" grates can provide thick grill lines on one side or accommodate more delicate foods on the other while the double click flame thrower ignition ignites each burner individually for unmatched control.

This freestanding grill includes additional features to create an at once easy to use and high performing BBQ machine. The extra-large grill hood provides plenty of room for even the largest of items while the spring assist and full width handle reduce the weighty feeling of the hood. Inside the grill are internal halogen lights that shine on the grill surface for late night grilling sessions while the front LED lights offer a modern ambiance to the sleek grill design. Included to accommodate grilling with solid fuel are the heavy duty leather grill gloves and the unique grill grate tool that can hold a grill grate up to allow adding fuel hands-free while the included cover ensures the grill will continue to shine as bright as the day you buy it.


  • Stainless Steel Construction - Complete 16 gauge #304 stainless steel construction for a quality construction
  • Dual Fuel Grill System - Designed with (8) 22,000 BTU gas burners with solid fuel baskets for charcoal, pellets, or wood
  • Reversible "Hemisphere" Grates - Reversible grill grates feature a curved shape to give thick grill marks on one side or handle delicate food on the other
  • Full Feature Lighting - Internal halogen lights shine on the grill surface and backlit LED light creates a sleek appearance
  • Analog Temperature Gauge - Built in 3" temperature gauge embedded into the hood's exterior monitors your grilling temperature
  • Flame Thrower Ignition - Unique technology shoots a burst of flame to light the tube burners more reliably than traditional spark ignitions
  • Freestanding Grill Cart - Complete 304 grade stainless steel cart features heavy duty drawers and side shelves for prep and storage space