Easy Finance

If you’re looking to buy something and need to save up for it, why not save in reverse with Klarna.

Klarna offers quick and easy financing with simple terms and no hidden fees. GoodGasGrills.com has partnered with them to help give an easier process to all of our customers looking to pay in instalments.

It's easy and simple. Just choose Klarna as your payment option at checkout.

Unlike some other personal loans, there is no prepayment penalty with Klarna. So if you pay your loan quicker than the final due date, you only pay interest on what has already accrued.

In a perfect world we all would be saving up for months for our big purchases. But if you know you can afford it, this is where Klarna can help.



Klarna does a soft check on your credit (which won’t affect your credit score) to  check for serviceability and calculate your interest rate. An initial down payment may be needed for some borrowers though to ensure approval, depending on the customer and their situation.

At checkout once approved, Klarna will present several options, showing your monthly payments for a six month term, a twelve month term, and a thirty-six month term. The payments quoted will include the total cost including interest.

Your purchase then goes forward as usual and we will ship out to you whatever product you order once Klarna finalises everything. Klarna will then send you reminders of your monthly payments one calendar month from the day your loan is processed.


We organize everything for you and you never have to leave the house!


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