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American Outdoor Grill Infra-red Burner System (L Models Only) IRB-18

American Outdoor Grill Infra-red Burner System (L Models Only) IRB-18

Lookout steak lovers, this American Outdoor Grill infrared burner kit is designed for you! Replace an existing stainless burner in your AOG L-series gas grill with this infrared burner to achieve those extra hot temperatures needed for searing in juices and flavour. Converting to this burner from your conventional burner is a piece of cake.



  • 16,000 BTU delivers extra high heat for searing steaks and chops
  • Infrared burner helps cook food without drying it out, retaining more natural flavour
  • Replaces the left burner in your AOG gas grill
  • For use with American Outdoor Grill L-series gas grills

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    AOG Product Specifications



    FIFTEEN YEAR WARRANTY American Outdoor Grill® stainless steel burners are warranted for 15 years

    TEN YEAR WARRANTY All other American Outdoor Grill® parts (excluding ignition systems, accessories, infrared burner, and vaporizer panels) are warranted for 10 years

    THREE YEAR WARRANTY Infrared burners and vaporizer panels are warranted for 3 years

    ONE YEAR WARRANTY Ignition systems (excluding batteries) and accessories (including side burners, motors, and thermometers) are warranted for 1 year