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Bromic Platinum Smart Heat-Gas Platinum 500 NG BH0110003-1

Bromic Platinum Smart Heat-Gas Platinum 500 NG BH0110003-1

There is nothing quite like enjoying the outdoors during the perfect weather conditions. Now you can enjoy the outdoors with this ceiling mounted heater supplying the perfect temperate conditions! It cannot stop the rain but it can keep you warm!

The Smart-Heat™ gas heater features a sleek, polished look that is ideal for use in high-class venues and premium locations or your own backyard! This heater will cover approximately 200 square feet of outdoor space and features a heat output of 39,800 BTUs. Even in windy conditions (up to 11 mph), the heat produced will warm your outdoor space.

Bromic’s Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas Radiant Heater is up to 300% more efficient than traditional products. Ceramic technology focuses the heat, vastly increasing energy conversion. Home and business owners enjoy lower running costs, while friends and patrons benefit from the gentle spread of warmth and elegant styling. It is the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor gathering.

  • Sturdy Construction - A strong stainless steel cabinet surrounds the quality components
  • Wind Resistance - Patented technology to guaranteed effective heat in winds of up to 11 mph
  • Ease of Use - Compatibility with smart system controls; multiple units can be controlled from the one location
  • Versatile Placement - Ceiling and wall mounting options
  • Complete Control - Easy pivot arm bracket for adjusting direction and coverage
Technical Specs
  • Heat Output: 39,800 BTU
  • Approximate Area Heated: 200 sq. ft.
  • Gas Connection: 1/2" NPT female
  • Electrical Connection: 110 Volt, 3-pin insulated plug
  • Minimum Distance to Combustible Materials: Sides, 3.6'
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 14.85 in.
    • Width: 29.76 in.
    • Depth: 15.59 in.
  • Minimum Clearance:
    • Without Heat Deflector - Above (to ceiling): 3 ft.
    • With Heat Deflector - Above (to ceiling): 1 ft. 2 in.
    • Minimum Height to Ground: 8 ft.